Thursday, September 11, 2014

Freshmen Orientation Day - 2014/2015

Yeay! It's time for another year of college here at ESMOD Jakarta, and that means new students!!
And this year we have more new students than last year. It was so fun and exciting to see so many of you have join our ESMOD family :D

So here's a little scoop from today!

As usual, the orientation was led and opened by our beloved Academic Program Coordinator, Mr. Patrice Desilles :)

Sir Patrice then continued his presentation to the brief history of ESMOD International Fashion Institute and ESMOD Jakarta. He also introduced them to ESMOD Book Editions, and some of these book, if I may say, is crucial to our studies here at ESMOD, for these are our method book, from Fashion Design, Pattern Drafting, to Sewing Techniques and Product Development.

The new students then get to meet their new teachers and staff faculty!
ESMOD Jakarta now has one of Indonesia's biggest bank, BRI as our Bank Partner. The presentation they had was to explain BRI's involvement with ESMOD Jakarta. Each and every ESMOD student will have a new student card which is also a BRI Debit Card, and with a debit card of course there's also a new bank account. This facility can be used as a way to pay our tuition, as ESMOD Library Card, and of course as our Student ID Card.

And last but not least, Senate presentation! Our Senate President, Victoria Cahyadi, and Treasurer Gisela Putri, introduced the new students to the rest of our Senate Team. Then they explain what is ESMOD Senate Team, what do we do, and our annual activities as well as a few other activities we have done last year. And for those who's interested in becoming part of the senate team, they can either join the existing team or make their own team for next year Senate Election. - S.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EJFF 18 - Day TWO

On the second day of EJFF 18, it was time for the 1st year and 2nd year students to show off their works.
The first year students were task to design and create a shirt with 3D dimensions on it, with a research and development of their own, from the basic form of a shirt, they create a whole new dimension, and they create these shirts using creative fabric they had developed all in white. This collection is called Shirtology. And I am telling you, although they have only studied at ESMOD for a year, their work is astonishing!

Shirtology Show
On the other hand, the second year student were task to create a whole new clothing line in collaboration with Galeries Lafayette. The collection they made contain 4 colour, White, Red, Blue, and Black, which is why this collection is called 4 Colour Pour la Mode.

4 Color Pour la Mode Show

On this second day, it’s not only for ESMOD Jakarta’s current students to show their works, but also for our Alumni, Ria Miranda, Khanan, Lubna Ibrahim, Eri Dani, and Sisca Tjong.
The first show was Ria Miranda’s and Khanan’s at 5 pm. Ria Miranda’s collection is called 'Minang Trilogy', we can see her true signature through the pastel colour range she uses on this collection. And Khanan’s collection is called 'Classy Chic', we can also see her signature in the natural colours and a glimpse of batik she uses in this collection.

Ria Miranda - Minang Trilogy
Khanan - Classic Chic
The second show was Lubna Ibrahim, Eri Dani, and Sisca Tjong at 8 pm, and people I’m telling you when I saw their collection I can’t stop saying ‘WOW’, because they are so beautiful. Lubna Ibrahim’s collection uses the colour of cream, peach and a little bit of tosca, mainly she uses lace, her collection was so beautiful in it’s own way, and you can definitely see the theme just like the collection’s name, 'Autumn Fairy Tale'. Eri Dani uses black as his main colour this time and a little bit of white to balance it, although this collection is a little bit dark, you can still see the beauty in it, this collection is called 'Unspoken Litany’. And last but not least was Sisca Tjong, in this collection Sisca brought a little bit of theatricality in it, she uses the colour of red, white, and black, for this night show, Sisca Tjong’s collection was by far my favourite, Sisca Tjong presents to you her collection, ‘Insanity’ - S.

Lubna Ibrahim - Autumn Fairy Tale
Eri Dani - Unspoken Litany
Sisca Tjong - Insanity